Disk Management Console View is not Up to Date

This problem occur often in windows 7 when you insert card reader or other storage (USB) in your computer.
In this post i will describe:

1. Overview : some information regarding the problems
2. Solution: To overcome the problem

Normally this happen when you insert CARD READER or Other storage (2ndary storage) and your computer failed to detect it. This normally happen in Windows 7 and may occur in other Operating system. Regardless of 32 bit and 64 bit the solution is still the same if you having the problems which i describe above.

So to see if the storage detected or not we open disk management to check the devices. for those who don't know how to open disk management, click start and type in DISKMGMT.MSC

After that the disk management windows will open and you can see your storage appear but when you right click you can't format, change driver letter or path or even select properties:

Here is the error you will get when you try to format or select properties.

2. Solution

1. Open device manager by click start and type DEVMGMT.MSC

2. A device manager windows will open, click VIEW and click at the SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES.

3. After that look for UNKNOWN DEVICES devices list, if you can't find it, expand the storage volumes list.

4. Right click on the Unknown devices, select uninstall.
5. Then right click again on any place there, select scan for hardware change.
6. A new hardware Wizard will appear, follow the on screen instruction.

Your PC will detect the card reader after the installation finish.

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1. I got an unknown device but this method didn't worked, what to do?
-Get the hardware ID for the unknown device and post it here. The hardware ID will determine what type of drivers/firmware your computer need in order to identify the hardware. You also can read my posts about unknown devices here.

2. There is no unknown device (even after selecting "show hidden device")
- Normally happen to new external hard disk, every notebook/laptop/desktop have disk size limitation. This mean if the disk size is larger than what your notebook can read it will not recognize by your computer. What you have to do is plug it into other computer to configure it for the first time use. This include formatting new drive (if not yet formatted) and give a specific drive letter and path.

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